If It’s In The Daily Mail It Can’t be True

Just for fun, during the recent exposures of cover ups of cover ups relating to the elm House / Dolphin Square / Westminster / Dickens dossier / Brabara Castle dossier paedophile allegations, I have been posting quite a few links to coverage in The Daily Mail just to see how many lefties would screech, “But you can’t believe anything you read in The Daily Mail, that horrible right wing rag makes up all its stories.”

It’s kind of a knee jerk reaction for them.

I of course, being a more thoughtful and less jerky type had checked that broadly the same version of events was being reported in other papers including The Guardian, Daily Mirror, Independent, Daily Telegraph and The Currant Bun.

Did they, I have to wonder, all make up the same story?

Why do I mention it now you might well ask. As it happens about half an hour or so ago I followed a link that took me to The Daily Mail website and the reported death, aged 90, of gangster Mad Frankie Fraser. Lefties, I want to assure you this is not true, it can’t be, after all I read it in The Daily Mail.

Mad Frankie Fraser


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