Miliband Loses His Balls

Best election moment since Portillo went down in ’97

But as Oscar Wilde might have said, to lose one party leader is unfortunate, to lose two looks like carelessness, but to lose three is hostile action.

I was quite taken with this extract from a blog reposted on Zero Hedge. Not too sure the words ‘conservative landslide’ in the title are appropriate, it was the SNP landslide that gave Cameron a very small majority, but the rest is good reading.

Saxo Bank CEO Lars Seier Christensen reacts to the Conservative landslide victory in the UK.

When you, like me, are used to a proportional representation system, it feels bizarre that the third largest party hardly gains a seat, but still, Nigel Farage has had a lot of beneficial influence on Britain’s EU policy.

Hopefully, Brussels also gets the message but I doubt it. The EU never rolls anything back. It continues to amass more and more control in all areas.

The bureaucracy in Brussels has no self-criticism. No regrets. No matter how much and how often it fails. It just continues the roll out of its powers, and it will continue unabated, until someone says enough is enough. Until someone says stop.

The election outcome in Britain is our one chance to say stop!


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2 Responses to “Miliband Loses His Balls”

  1. MichaelStMark Says:

    There’s an enquiry into possible rigged / tweeked opinion polls in the run-up. Seems like someone didn’t want to disclose how far ahead the Tories really were, for fear of Scottish Labour being able to scare the Scots into giving Labour enough seats north of the border to edge a hung parliament. 13 more would have done it. Dastardly deeds abound.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      I can believe it. There was a UKIP are collapsing thing in the Torygraph about a week before the vote that purported to show UKIP had no support in areas with high immigrant populations.
      Phone my cousin Bob who used to edit the local evening paper and still writes op-ed for them (ans so sees local polling that we don’t) and asked him about it.
      It’s bollocks, he said, Blackburn Burnley, Bolton, Preston, Pendle, Rossendale, they’re not going to win but they’re not going to end up looking stupid like the Lib Dems, and they’re taking far more support from Labour than the Tories.

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