Irish Senator Says same Sex Marriage Vote Will Lead To Change Like Soviet Revolution

Irish gays celebrate with a new version of Riverdance called Alimentary Canal dance (image source)

The really annoying thing about news events like the “Yes” vote in Ireland’s same sex marriage referendum is that they always inspire lefties to start spounting the most inane drivel. Like this:

A pro-gay marriage Irish Senator David Norris (IND) has told journalists at Dublin Castle he hopes the vote to legalise same sex marriage will lead to change across the world, just as Ireland inspired the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 (WTF?). Senator Norris, was talking about how Ireland was a “small island on the edge of Europe” but that it could have a much wider impact.

The example he cited was the General Post Office (GPO) uprising in Dublin in Easter 1916. A group took over the GPO and fought against the British Army to maintain control of it for several days. The attack was unpopular at the time as it was seen to undermine the British and Irish efforts to win First World War.

Those responsible only caught the public imagination later when the British sentenced them to death, a ruling that proved hugely unpopular in what is now the Irish Republic. However Norris claimed their actions had “inspired” the Bolshevik uprising in Russia the following year. It led to the establishment of the Soviet Union and led to the deaths of tens of millions in forced labour camps and through famine.

He said: “We hope this vote will change things, in Africa and across the world just as the Irish rebellion of 1916 led to the 1917 revolution in Russia”. His comments were met with applause from the assembled crowd of pro-gay marriage supporters.

Change like the Soviet Revolution eh? Well let’s recall how that worked out. Stalinism, suppression of free speech, persecution of certain minorities including homosexuals, gypsies and Jews, genocide, food shortages, persecution of Communist Party members who questioned the leadership, shortages of food and clothing, economic and social stagnation, persecution of religious congregations, shortages of electricity, gas and coal, persecution of everybody, etc. etc. Well the Gay BLT and Yooman Rights lobby are certainly as authoritarian, self righteous and ideologically driven as the regimes of Lenin and Stalin. I have a horrible feeling this bloke might be onto something here.

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4 Responses to “Irish Senator Says same Sex Marriage Vote Will Lead To Change Like Soviet Revolution”

  1. Munzly Says:

    Once you separate sex from procreation, the only excuse for marriage is to provide a caring home for the upbringing of children. However over the centuries it has acquired all sorts of legal aspects such as joint ownership, disposal of assets after death or separation, etc.etc. all of which add up to one horrific mess, not to mention the irrelevant religious aspects – I think we need to junk the lot and start again with a new properly designed arrangement.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Good points. My own view is that Christian marriage (and probably pagan before that) evolved into a system for trading daughters, or sisters in some cases, to gain money, land, influence, status etc. So while I’m entirely indifferent to what various churches decide to do, I think we should separate the legal bit from the religious bit as they do in France. Then those that want it can be joined ‘in the eyes of God’, and those that feel they have no right to alienate their other half from a religious family can swallow their principles for a day as I did. But why gays want to be part of such a thing puzzles me.

      • Munzly Says:

        It’s the wedding dresses wot got’em!

      • ianrthorpe Says:

        You’re just trying to tempt me into repeating my “Bearded queens in bridal gowns” line. Well it caused a right kerfuffle last time, over 800 comments on an American site and I don’t remember many of them being complimentary

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