Majority of Climate Scientists Don’t Agree with ‘Consensus’ – Dutch Scientific Study

Interesting to note that the ‘97% consensus’ figure was arrived at by assuming all the reports that did not state specifically that climate change is NOT caused by Carbon Dioxide were assumed to agree that it is.

We have been told ad nauseum by the Warmageddonist lobby that 97% of ‘climate scientists’ agree with the United Nations position that runaway global warming (which is responsible for the overnight frosts we are getting in July here in norther England) is cause by Carbon Dioxide emissions from human activity.

The 97% consensus was of course a fictional device dreamed up by the owners of the dishonestly named Skeptical Science website and has been demolished many times by simple examination of the facts.

You can always spot science frauds and wankers of course, they spell skeptic with a k because they think it is more scientific (Helpful info: skepticos (Greek) – one who doubts; scepticus (late Latin) – one who questions official dogma.

The Skeptical Science wankers are wrong on all counts, there is no conceivable meaning or inflection of either that could be interpreted as meaning ‘one who professes an absolute belief in globalist propaganda and denies all evidence presented to challenge that propaganda.

Thus we expect Skeptical Science will soon be orchestrating hate mob attacks (similar to those used by the Spanish Inquisition in their campaign to root out heresy) in order to discredit the Dutch researchers who have carried out a survey of over 6000 climate scientists and found that over half disagree with the alleged consensus and the 43% who agree with the IPCC do not go so far as to blame carbon dioxide specifically but limit themselves to saying such warming as was seen between 1950 and 1996 was caused by ‘human activity’ (which could include but is not limited to prodigious shagging leading to a population explosion in third world countries, deforestation, geoengineering projects and intensive farming methods involving feeding cows farty food.

The study, by the PBL Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency (pdf – read online or download), a government body, invited 6550 scientists working in climate related fields, including climate physics, climate impact, and mitigation, to take part in a survey on their views of climate science.

Here’s more on that research project

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One Response to “Majority of Climate Scientists Don’t Agree with ‘Consensus’ – Dutch Scientific Study”

  1. JohnKnight Says:

    Oh my . . certain totalitarian control freaks are not going to like this one little bit . . those Dutch researchers went and put their claim of “consensus” among climate scientists to an actual test!

    And not only was the consensus claim “falsified”, they didn’t even find a majority agreed with the supposedly consensus position!!

    But . . this paper was published in April . . Why haven’t the people been told the good news that they are not thought by the majority of relevant experts to be responsible for an impending climate death spiral?

    And the good news that they themselves have roughly the same take on the matter as the relevant experts??

    Why, oh why would the mainstream media not be informing us of this careful test result . . the way they informed us of that “97% of climate scientists agree with the IPCC” stuff? Surely they know the difference between drawing conclusions based on mass mind reading, and drawing conclusions based on actually questioning the scientists themselves . . ??

    Could it be . . that the mass media is not really a spontaneous collection of highly ethical and well informed seekers after truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?!?

    And, do bears really shit in the woods? ‘Skeptical Science’ wants to know ; )

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