Immigration by numbers – Why Dave Is Fucked and UKIP are right

It seems or politicians, both conservative and Labour, Dave, Hattie Harperson, all the Labour contenders except that brain dead Trotskyite moron Corbyn, who lives in fairy land it seems,  are making noises about controlling immigration. This is probably why the brain dead revenants who support Labour are supporting Corbyn who seems to think all we have to do is “TAX THE RICH TAX THE RICH TAX THE RICH” and we will have so much money in the coffers all of the three bilion people in the world who subsist on less than $2 a day will be able to come to Britain, claim their free houses and free healthcare and claim a Kings Ransom in benefits each week.

Lefties like to run round screaming SCIENCE SCIENCE SCIENCE as if that proves they have a monopoly on intelligence and reason, but while they pontifiucate about the infallibility of climate models they do not understand basic arithmetic.

Which is unfortunate because all you need to help you understand why left wing social engineering policies are doomed to end in catastrophe is an understanding of basic arithmetic. Once you can get your head around the idea that two plus two can never equal five, you can understand what this person is getting at whith his immigration and gumballs lecture.


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2 Responses to “Immigration by numbers – Why Dave Is Fucked and UKIP are right”

  1. Athelstan Says:

    Look on the bright side; Corbyn is effectively the tories’ best friend. If he becomes Labour’s new Fuhrer er, mean, leader, they will never be in a position to squander the budget like money is going out of fashion, invite not very palatable individuals from overseas to further fracture British society or conveniently look the other way when Pakistani paedophiles rape vulnerable 13 year olds for fear of losing votes.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Corbyn might turn out to be the Conservatives Useful Idiot but I hope that makes him UKIP’s best friend.

      Socialism was a great idea but it all started going wrong when the elitist academics, do gooders and social reformers of The Fabian Society hijacked the Labour movement and sidelined the working glass grass roots members to steer the party towards oligarchy.

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