Porn lessons will teach pupils how to earn a living.

pupils at a Lancashire secondary school are to be given lessons in hardcore pornography and oral sex, as part of a Channel 4 program promoting a roll out of GSCEs in sex education. The program, to be aired next Thursday, features former Miss Belgium and current UN goodwill ambassador for sexual health Goedelle Liekens as she introduces teenagers to their intimate areas in graphic detail.


Porn lessons will foster positive attitudes to sexual relationships

A group of thirteen boys and girls, aged 15 and 16 volunteered to take part in the hour long feature, all taking part in two weeks’ worth of lessons with Ms Liekens. Within the first few minutes of the show the boys are shown pictures of female genitalia and asked which they prefer, The Daily Express has reported.(Forget about screeching But you can’t believe anything you read in the Express, lefties – a friend of my son teaches at the school and has confirmed this.

According to a press release from Channel 4, pupils are also set homework: the girls are tasked with examining themselves “with a handheld mirror”, while the boys with shaving off their pubic hair (we hope that’s their own public hair not the girls’). The lessons have been justified because pornography is easily accessible, and that pupils need guidance on what they are seeing. It seems unlikely that shaving off one’s pubic hair improves understandg of the consequences of anal fisting, but hey; teacher will get a cheap thrill when making the homework)

Steve Campbell, the head teacher of Hollins Technology College in Accrington, which the pupils all attend, said that he didn’t regret his decision to invite Ms Liekens to give the classes. “I suppose it was quite a big step to invite her but in the last year we have dealt with teen pregnancies and inappropriate texts, and without the shadow of a doubt, the biggest single influence on children is pornography,” he said.

Typical leftie teacher logic there, we don’t want the kids to be influenced by pornography, lets teach them about close up minge shots and shaved genitals, they stuff they’ll see in pornography. And we’ll import a Belgian porn queen to give the lessons.

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4 Responses to “Porn lessons will teach pupils how to earn a living.”

  1. JohnKnight Says:

    Dear Ian,

    “Porn lessons will foster positive attitudes to sexual relationships”

    Well, why should the human trafficking industry have to contend with systemic “negative attitudes” in their fresh merchandise? Would you rather those service workers be subjected to beatings, isolation and drug addiction to get them up to speed?

    Get with it man, a kinder gentler future is dawning, and cruel old bastards like you will have no place in it, if you can’t see the light.

    Sincerely, Alister Crowley ; )

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Crowley’s porn focused heavily on goats I’ve read.

      To my mind self respect lessons would do more good. Men are biologically programmed to treat our genitals as toys until we are about thirty. Social pressure on girls to fall into line with that mindset pushed them towards behaviour that is as unnatural as … … a shaved vagina???

  2. MichaelStMark Says:

    I’ve heard a lot of Russian & E. Euro schoolgirls’ career ambitions are limited to aiming to move west & become porn starlets and brasses asap( which is just as well because they probably will ) – difficult to see how an upfront&personal vagina tour illustrated by Miss Beligium would change things much.

    • ianrthorpe Says:

      Right, British girls don’t want to be prostitutes, nothing to do with sex education of course. Our lasses all want to be celebrities and they’ve never seen any celebrity hookers on Strictly or I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (that one is strange, you’d think celebrity prossers would have no trouble eating a kangaroo’s dick after some of the things thy have to put in their mouths.

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