New World Record For Left Wing Hypocrisy

Not so long ago we reported how mild mannered reporter Clark Kent dentist Walter Palmer was being demonised for killing Cecil the Lion while on a big game hunt in Zimbabwe.

Why Aren’t Feminists Queuing To fellate Walter Palmer

We do not condone humans killing lions, however we hear via our proprietor Jenny Greenteeth’s stringers in African water holes that antelope, wildebeeste and wart hogs are all for it. We were rather bemused however that mainstream media and the sheeple of social media went crazy about the nice, cuddly, meerkat eating lion (Do lions eat meerkats you might well ask – well yes they do, and all manner of cute, small furry animals. Changed your tune about the lion killing dentist yet).

Bemused I say because when the story below broke, it did not warrant a word in mainstream print or broadcast media, not did it raise a whisper of protest from the leftie sheeple on social media:


Sorry about the spurious lines on the screenshot,  been doing a bit of plumbing and my fingers are stiff. That’s from a post on my Facebook  wall, it prompted a rather interesting comment thread, mostly people arguing with one of the most toxic and stupid human beings I’ve ever encountered. Nice to know that age cannot wither not custom stale his infinite gobshite. Take a look at the comment thread, it is really amusing how the self righteous bell end fails to make his point

So anyway the upshot is, it appears that while the lefties are yelling ‘right wing criminal nut job’ at Palmer and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYcist at me (because apparently my highlighting the story indicates I approve of all white tyrants and mass murderers including Hitler, Stalin, Catherine The Great, Caligula and Atilla The Hun – never expect logic from a progressive, liberal, or leftie) it turns out that actually Walter Palmer was given permission to kill Cecil or any lion he fancied killing by the Zimbabwean government.

They charged him a big fat fee for the privilege of course, but hey, what gave anyone the idea that because Obama visited Africa the brutal tyrant Mugabe and his henchmen had become caring, sharing, kumbaya singing, cross dressing friends of the environment.

from RINF
US govt never minded Americans killing rare lions before Cecil – WikiLeaks document

“WikiLeaks has unveiled a secret document on US hunters in Zimbabwe allegedly sent from a US official to the CIA, casting light upon the recent killing of Cecil the lion, a popular attraction to Zimbabwean Hwange National Park’s visitors.

A 2008’s classified memo signed by James D McGee, the-then US ambassador to Zimbabwe, has revealed that the US government knew about and approved of its citizens going trophy hunting to South Africa, says WikiLeaks.”

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