Our Tax money Funds Euronazi Brainwashing Program In School

How the EU’s billions fund Brussels Beanos

Move over, Dennis the Menace. The European Union has produced a series of cartoon strips, games and colouring books that rival the antics of Minnie the Minx, Desperate Dan and other classic comic characters.

The cartoons teach children how EU cash has funded fire engines, hospital wards and infrastructure as part of a drive to counter the impression that the 28-member bloc is wasteful.

Children can also learn about the intricacies of the Common Agricultural Policy, the work of competition lawyers and the virtues of free movement.

One such comic, published recently by the Publications Office of the European Union, has the very Naziish title ‘On the Road to Victory’, and features a class of international students from Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava. “Inspired by the EU budget”, they take a trip across Europe.

The comic was drawn by two cartoonists under the guidance of the EU Directorate-General for Budget, which oversees the bloc’s €144

I love the way teacher says proudly there is only 1% fraud but omits to mention the other 99% is spent on vanity projects, social engineering initiative, eugenics programmes, and funding jollies to exotic destina tions for bureaucrats You don’t have to defraud the EU to enjoy a millionair lifestyle, just get yourself a seat on the gravy train. I speak from experience.


One drink a day increases the risk of breast cancer by 15 per cent, scientists claim
Another example of pseudo scientific scaremongering from Harvard University’s Department Of Cutural Marxist Propaganda, using spurious statistics (when they cite risk they do not mean 15% but 15% of 13%) in supprt of liberal / left wing politicians anti alcohol campaign, which is not about health but an excuse to raise taxes. The whole house of cards is demolished here by a writer who really understands statistics and is not ingornant of human nature.

Britain to Crack Down on Illegal Working by Migrants
Illegal migrants found working in Britain will face jail and have their earnings seized under new measures announced by the government on Tuesday. The government has been ramping up its anti-immigration rhetoric in response to a spike in migrant attempts to reach Britain via the Channel Tunnel in France and is under pressure to show it is acting to deal with the crisis.

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One Response to “Our Tax money Funds Euronazi Brainwashing Program In School”

  1. JohnKnight Says:

    Some “harsh” words from the controlled opposition at the end of the (blatantly obvious, to me} propaganda piece this article was spawned by;

    “Andy Silvester, the campaigns director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said. “Taxpayers are sick to the back teeth of funding seemingly endless EU propaganda when Brussels bureaucrats surely have something better to do with their time – considering the crises across the Continent – than producing knock-off Beanos.”

    The “crisis across the continent” is not attributed to the EU/Brussels bureaucrats, heavens no . . just the “seemingly endless EU propaganda”.

    A gentle rebuttal, right before the “harsh” words;

    “An EU spokesman said the Lisbon Treaty stipulated the encouragement of “participation in democratic life” among young people. She added: “In order to sustain the EU as a project and to ensure its success, it needs popular support. Young people represent the future, and it is therefore of prime importance that they are informed about what the EU is, what it does and why it is important, in their own language.”

    Note how “participation in democratic life” literally means being exposed to simplistic propaganda, to this EU spokesman. That’s “their language”.

    And the adult’s “participation in democratic life”, I don’t doubt, means being exposed to slightly less simplistic propaganda, like the piece under consideration here . .

    So what is the EU really supported by?

    Well, silly turtles, it’s propaganda all the way down ; )

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