Gone To The Moon?

Went on a blog site I used to like until a little clique of lawyers started trying to defect attempts to discuss the Savile affair, posing as voices of reason and slagging off all the complainants as attention seekers and compo seekers.
I was not going to join the tread but came upon a comment whinging about how slebs were victimised by nasty evil people who made up stories about them. The guy claimed he had experience of the BBC and Top Of The Pops and it was all above board and strictly policed and jimmy Savile was a really good bloke who was persecuted by people envioius of his fame. He said it was good to see a comment thread that had some sympathy with the poor victimised slebs about whom so many evil lies had been told. It was signed Jonathan King.

I turned the sarcasm control up to eleven and let fly, thinking this was just some joker trying to defend the BBC and the celebrity culture. Turns out it was the real Jonathan King, celebrity convicted paedophile, self pity addict and sometime pop star.



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