EU Sacrifices Kurds To Turkey’s Imperial Ambition For Erdogan Help With Migrants

Claudia Roth, German Green Party

Europe ruling neo Nazi bureaucracy have done their dirtiest deal ever, agreeing to give tacit support to lunatic Turkish president Recep Erdogan, whose crackdown on opposition and the Kurdish minority could backfire on Europe, Green Party politician and Bundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth told German newspaper Die Welt. (Google translate)

The Eurocrats cannot be unaware that while blackmailing EU leaders for €billions in return for his help in controlling the flow of migrants into Greece and the EU (help which has so far not been forthcoming, in fact all we’ve seen is the standard blackmailers business model of broken promises and even more outrageous demands) Erdogan’s Sunni Muslim regime has been illegally trading armaments for oil with the ISIS terrorists waging war on western interests in Syria and Iraq.

The EU made a “highly problematic” agreement with Turkey in November to try and ease the migrant crisis, while Greece is on the verge of collapse without greater support from Brussels, German former Green Party leader and Bundestag Vice-President Claudia Roth told Die Welt on Sunday.

“I have huge concern for Greece. The country has been left in the lurch by European partners for months. The motto is, ‘Bad luck, if the Mediterranean is right outside the door.'”

That Greece is in need of humanitarian aid from the EU, a source of funding usually reserved for developing countries, is an “indictment” for the EU, Roth said.

“Greece’s debt crisis problems are far from over, and now the humanitarian crisis is coming as well. As long as Greece is not markedly relieved conflicts there will foment,” she said, warning of a rise in support for right-wing extremist politics.

“The politics of austerity and the harsh attitude of the federal government towards Athens have certainly led to anti-German resentment in some European countries. Now Merkel with her refugee policy is feeling the resistance to the perceived policy of German domination,” Roth told the newspaper.

The politician noted that though the EU has been miserly in its support to Greece, it is willing to strike a deal with Turkey to stop the flow of migrants and refugees at any price.

Roth said that while Turkey has taken in many refugees from Iraq and Syria, the conditions in most Turkish refugee camps are unacceptable. She called the deal agreed with Turkey in November that gives Ankara political concessions and 3 billion euros ($3.3 billion) in financial aid to be spent on refugees in Turkey “highly problematic.”

“The EU has got itself into a fatal dependency on President Erdogan and is now in the hand of this autocrat. If foreign politics is made out of internal political interests then human rights and the rule of law are left behind. Because the EU wants to contain the refugee influx from Turkey at any price, it is not at all concerned any more about the rule of law in Turkey. The EU has been blackmailed.”

Erdogan’s campaign against the Kurds has consequences for Germany, and for the Syrian crisis, where his policy is escalating the conflict, Roth said.


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