Big Bang, Myth Or Reality

I recently posted in the thread under an article by a ‘science head’, one of those strange creatures who believes the universe is made out of science and mathematical equations and who had been getting excited by some new equations he’d dreamed up that ‘proved’ Einstein’s theory of relativity was right or wrong of something (who cares?) because the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate.

My comment was, “The universe its infinite, it’s impossible to expand beyond infinity.” The response was that mine is an old fashioned view followed by a long spiel full of the usual bollocks about Big Bang, which “all scientists have now accepted is a fact.”

Unfortunately they haven’t. There are hundreds of books and research papers on the subject that question or contradict Einstein and the Big Bang creation myth. Here’s one interesting point of view.

The Biggest Myth About the Big Bang
by Ross Pomeroy

13.8 billion years ago, the Universe exploded into existence. Or at least that’s what most laypeople probably think of the Big Bang. But as astronomically alluring as that image is, it’s also a myth. The simple fact is that physicists aren’t certain exactly how the Universe began, or even if it did.

After all, the primordial Universe could have counterintuitively “popped” into being from nothing at all. Or perhaps it existed eternally in another nascent form? Maybe it oozed out of some higher dimension? Heck, as science fiction author Douglas Adams imagined, it could easily have been sneezed out of the nose of a being called the Great Green Arkleseizure.

All of these are perfectly cromulent possibilities (though some are certainly less likely than others), owing to a simple fact: Physics’ reach is currently limited to roughly one second after the “Big Bang.” Everything before then is left to learned speculation and hypothesis.

“We don’t have any idea what happened at the purported moment of the Big Bang,” Caltech astrophysicist Sean Caroll recently admitted on Science Friday. “Cosmologists… sometimes exaggerate a little bit about what it means.”

That’s not to say that cosmologists don’t know anything. Boatloads of evidence and observation support the notion that the entire Universe was once unfathomably dense and hot, and confined to a vastly smaller area. Moreover, it expanded and cooled into everything that is today.

“The Big Bang model… the general idea that the universe has been expanding from a hot, dense early state, that’s 100 percent true…” Carroll clarified.

But the “Bang” itself is very much a myth. On Science Friday, Carroll furnished a far more correct, although decidedly less dramatic definition.

“It’s the time at which we don’t understand what the Universe was doing.”
Read more from Ross Pomeroy >>>

Apart from being constantly surprised at the number of scientists who don’t understand what infinity actually means, I am also mystified at how people who call themselves scientists can claim that someone doing equations based on some numbers they made up, and a lot of very subjective interpretations of such data as exists actually proves anything, it is refreshing for someone such as I, a born sceptic, but one whose knowledge of physics is confined to what happens in this world, to see people such as Mr. Pomeroy, who obviously has studied theoretical physics, and the professor whom he has cited, point out the illogicalities and glaring gaps in Big Bang Theory.
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One Response to “Big Bang, Myth Or Reality”

  1. Michael St.Mark Says:

    Ive even heard some hardcore spiritual peeps say the universe sprang out of infinite nothingness at the moment unconscious God had a whim ( or a sneeze is a kinda good analogy ) to know himself consciously with the whimsical Q ” who am I ?” . And the rest ATS is history.. so billions of years and the fruit of evolution later ( us) on, who tf has the answer? Therefore, logically it would appear the almighty has f*kd up good and proper… but we kinda already know that.

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