The NHS Obesity Non Crisis

While I was away in Majorca taking a well earned break (you would not have noticed because this blog is only infrequently update nowadays) there was a a bit of a kerfuffle among the screeching classes, amplified by mainstream news, about remarks on the effect the ‘obesity crisis’ is having on the National Health Service made by TV presenter Kirsty Alsop.

First thing to bear in mind is that Ms. Alsop is no sylph(as you may observe in the picture below,) so while she’s entitled to her opinion she would be well advised to shut her big fat mouth in public lest someone should point to her big fat arse.


The whole thing about obesity has become over hyped. Yes there are more morbidly fat people now than there were fifty years ago. There are also more people suffering from anorexia. But the biggest increse of all and the one that is hitting the NHS hardest is the increses in officious pokenoses employed by various government departments to tell us how to live our lives.

The real obesity problem lies in the fact that that a totally flawed measure, the Body Mass Index (BMI) a simple calculation of height to weight ration that takes no account of body type. Thus someone like me, shortish, heavily muscled, could be told I was ‘borderline obese’ when I had a 32″ waist, a six pack and bulging pecs and biceps.And aged over forty I could still run a mile in under five minutes (I never pushed myself beyond about three miles, there was nothing to prove.) My case was one of many that involved people who exercised, had a reasonably healthy diet and were unlucky with their body type being nagged for years about non existent weight problems. In fact the illness that eventually laid me low could easily have been avoided had the doctor listened to me rather than basing his diagnosis on a misleading statistic.

Another aspect of the ‘obesity crisis’ is that the definition of obese has been changed, instead of using the true meaning, extremely fat, medical professionals now seem to diagnose as obese anybody who it more than a pound above the point at which they would be diagnosed as anorexic.

This condescending attitude adopted by ‘slebs’ and media lucvvies, that we owe it to the government and its various agencies to obey the diktat of crimplne clad, clipboard carrying creeps is intolerable. We owe nothing. We pay for our healthcare through National Insurance contributions (so those lefties in social media who are always screeching about ‘free health care’ are talking bollocks,) and it owes us the right to live our lives as we choose. The other point is that although the media luvvies, Guardian reading intellectual idiots and emotionally retarded middle class Labour voters believe otherwise, the working classes are not thick. If someone chooses to pig out on deep fried pizzas and lard milk shakes several times a day, or bucket down ten pints and a bottle of vodka every evening, chances are they know such habits are not going to do them any good. So long as they are willing to accept the consequences of their behaviour, it is their choice. If they choose not to help themselves and do not ask for help, then all we, as a humane society, owe them is palliative care when their organs fail.

It is not a sin to die before reaching the average life expectancy, scientists – who are not very bright generally – don’t seem to understand that for there to be an average life expectancy, around half the population must die before reaching it.

Unfortunately, interfering in people’s private lives has become the biggest industry and biggest provider of jobs in the advanced societies of the developed world. Soon however, people will wake up to the fact that the more government cultivates dependency, the more of what we produce is soaked up by the care budget. It is not an economically or socially viable model.

Unfortunately, socialised healthcare leads us to this moronic thinking that other people’s health is any of our concern because the NHS may be needed to care for them in the event of a lifestyle choice. Well, the gentleman Allsopp observed is also likely a taxpayer and has paid for any healthcare he may need, but does he?

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