The US Democrats Can Protest All They Want, Here’s Why They Lost.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from Democratic Party supporters, ‘liberals’ (actually the most illiberal people on the planet) and ‘progressives’ (who want society to progress all the way to the ideologically driven authoritarianism of The Spanish Inquisition) has been almost deafening since the victory of Republican Donald Trump over Democrat ‘Crooked Hillary’ Clinton in the US Presidential election was announced early on Wednesday morning.

The point these wailers and gnashers of teeth are missing however is that the defeat is their own fault. They vastly overestimated their ability to manipulate the behaviour of US voters, not the party activists or committed supporters, the ones who would vote for a dog turd if it was wearing the right colour rosette, but the ordinary punters who vote for the party they think will serve their interests best.

In short the arrogance and snobbery of this self – identified elite led them to believe working class voters were stupid, sheep – like creatures who would unquestioningly follow the lead given by the academics, experts and assorted talking heads presented on television (people vastly experienced in matters concerning economic, foreign and economic policy such as Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt, Katy Perry, Jay – Z, Madonna, Lena Dunham, George Clooney and Robert De Niro) to work on reinforcing the myth that ‘The Wisdom Of Crowds’ is infallible.

They failed, they anointed candidate Hillary Clinton, a certainty for The White House according to this fabled Wisdom Of Crowds, was losing badly to a rank outsider, the 74 year old maverick socialist senator fom Vermont, Bernie Sanders who had never even run as a Democrat, preferring the designation of Independent Socialist. Obviously something had to be done, corporate profits were at stake.

The elite did what they always do, they resorted to lying, cheating and bullying.

Hillary’s party managers, the Democratic Party National Committee (DNC) suppressed voting in the primaries in Illinois,  Arizona, California, New York  and other states. Sanders supporters were deregistered and told they could not votes, votes were physically changed or were simply not counted.  In Chicago (it was recorded), hacked the computers that had no paper backup (and therefore no proof) created an environment where exit polls said Bernie had won easily yet Clinton miraculously got the most votes (?!). Discrepancies were consistently in Clinton’s favor, sometimes by as much as 33%.

All this was to push Clinton, a hugely unpopular and mistrusted figure on America as the Democrat candidate. The arrogance and delusions of superiority kicked in again, leading The Democrats to totally miscalculate the voters mood. They believed people would forget the numerous financial scandals, the allegations of treason, fraud and corruption that surrounded Clinton and the several active criminal investigations into her activities and all obediently do as the talking heads told them.

In any other year the Republican opponent Donald Trump would have been a weak candidate, but in the end the electorate did not so much vote for Trump but against the political establishment, which they felt abandoned by; brack Obama had promised Hope and change but had governed in the interests of the wealthy elite, just as his Republican predecessor had.

If the DNC had run an honest campaign, instead of collaborating with the corporate lobbyists and agents of foreign governments who had bought promises of favours and indulgences from the Clinton campaign, if instead of doing it Crooked Hillary’s way they had run an honest primaries process and pitted the principled outsider Bernie Sanders compete against a billionaire property developer (hardly a man of the people) there would very likely be a Democrat, albeit a very different kind of Democrat to the neocon warmonger Obama preparing to take over The White House.


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