Italy: Telephone tap catches “I have a white woman to rape” conversation Pamela murder case

by Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar

Innocent Oseghale, the Nigerian immigrant arrested for Pamela Mastropietro’s murder, in Macerata, Italy, and the man who allegedly spoke the words that have inflamed public opinion in Ialy: “I have a white woman to rape,” in a phone conversation with a friend called Awelima.

Until now there had been some doubt that Pamela suffered some kind of sexual assault, the body was so multilated there could be no objective proof investigators reported, but the kind of language Oseghale used when talking about European women showed such contempt for civilised values there could be no doubt what was on his mind when he abducted the girl. The shocking recordings might, along with other irrefutable evidence of his guilt on the charge of murder may be enough to convince a jury that Oseghale raped Pamela before killing her and chopping her body into pieces. Total destruction of the corpse is a very common attempt to destroy evidence among Nigerian mafia affiliates.

The current theory of the investigators is that Pamela was given drugs, which made her lose consciousness, giving Oseghale a defenseless victim to have his fun with.

Pamela’s family and the people of Macerata are hungry for justice, while the left wing mayor of Macerata is  busy virtue signalling about tolerance and anti-fascism (related to the actions of Luigi Triani, the Italian Fascist who attempted to avenge Pamela’s brutal murder by shooting a group of Nigerians, wounding six).

In yet another example of anti-white violence in modern multicultural Europe, this time it’s Italy’s turn to be outraged by the filth our leaders are importing from third world shitholes. The filth and their lawless behaviour are everywhere, Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Britain and Austria have all has their outrages, and yet mainstream media and political leaders continue to bombard us with propaganda telling us this African and Asian filth enriches our nations and cultures. We are lectured on tolerance, while the filth our leaders thrust among us by refusing to operate immigration controls, show none, we are told  WE Europeans need to change, educate ourselves, applaud the destrucion of our ancient cultures and give away our glorious lands to people who lack even the most basic traits of civilised behaviour. We are told WE must learn THEIR ways and INTEGRATE with them. Yet the preacher of their primitive, perverted religion are given free rein to call on them to rape, torture and murder Europeans.

It is our duty as European men and women to fight back, denounce antiwhite violence and love ourselves. We will overcome these dark times and we will indeed make Europe great again.




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