Why ‘Hate Speech’ Should Not Be Criminalised

There is a common conception among those on the left of the political spectrum that only people who support the ‘far right’ are challenging efforts to criminalise so called ‘hate speech.’ Just as they dismiss anybody who questions the theory that Carbon Dioxide from human activity is driving climate chance as ‘climate deniers’ and people who raise the human rights issues surrounding laws to make vaccination manadtory as anti – vaxxers the left, having no cogent arguments with which to oppose their critics, resort to identity politics.
I have written many times defending the right to free speech and experessing opposition to the use of ‘hate speech’ to suppress honest and justified criticism of certain groups in society and ideologically driven agendas, and read hundreds of articles and blogs opposing this fraudulent criminalisation of free speech, but the argument below is one of the best I have seen.
Matt Taylor
by Matt Taylor, first posted on Quora, 1 May 2019
It’s not just “right-wing people” that think this way, dozens of popular lefty intellectuals have come out and spoke against criminalizing discourse.


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