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Who shot down MH17? Black Box Data Reveals Nothing We Did Not Know

July 28, 2014

rescue workers discover the flight recorder
Rescue workers discover Boeing 777 flight recorder (source)

As the political and media war over responsibility for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 continues, here’s a chance to view a report put together by the BBC Russia news channel (In Russian with English subtitles).

Strangely the Beeb have taken this report offline now. Make what you will of that. The video shows the handling of the Black Box flight recorders, which mainstream media and supporters of the global – government fascist movement (or the ‘progressive left’, as these lying, war loving, authoritarians like to label themselves) insisted would provide incontrovertable evidence that pro Russian rebels or military personnel from Russia were responsible for firing the BUK missile that brought down the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

As sensible commentators said, the flight recorders could do no such thing, their purpose is to provide technical data from the aircraft and conversations between crew members. Thus the black box data would prove that the aircraft was shot down by a missile or anti aircraft shell, but could not possibly identify who fired it.

Similarly a conversation between pilot and co pilot might go something like this.

“WTF? what’s that down on the ground, a puff of smoke. There.”

“Probably noth … oh shit, there’s a missile coming our way and this airliner is too big for evasive action.”

“No point anyway, those things are radar guided. The send out a blip and lock onto the echo that comes off our planes body. We’re fucked.”

“There must be something we can do? How fucked are we.”

“We’re fucking fucked, that’s how fucked we are. Kiss you arse goodbye.”

It may seem I am making fun of the tragedy here but that is not the case, the families of the dead have my deepest sympathy.

The game here is about ridiculing those evil New World Order shits like Cameron and Obama who have tried to use this event as a political opportunity to stir up public feeling in favour of war with Russia and the useful idiots and gullible dupes in mainstream media and the cybersphere who are prepared to believe all this propaganda and despite their claims of ‘liberal’ principles are mad for war. That such hypocritical morons have the audacity to attack those with enough nous to question government actions justifies my flirting with bad taste to make a point.

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BBC Neo Fascists Suck Up To Rothschild New World Order

March 31, 2014

ipcc climate change
“Those are some effing potent diuretics the United Nations are handing out”

I don’t think anybody would have expected an honest, critical and objective report and analysis of the latest United Nations IPCC scaremongering exercise on the climate. The Beeb cherry picks paragraphs from the report that suggest the situation is a lot worse than it is. For example, of the fifty million refugees displaced from their homes by climate change we were promised by 2012, only a few hundred actually turned up, and it’s arguable that the events they were displaced by (tsunamis, freak weather, volcanic eruption, slum clearance projects etc.) were not actually climate change related.

There is no mention of the fact that in the last seventeen years, despite CO2 levels on the slopes of Mauna Loa, the Hawaiian active volcano which is the site of the sampling station that measures the global average CO2 concentration (yeah, great innit?)

Then they go on to say that even though we have seen no significant economic or humanitarian effects of climate change yet, things will be many times worse in future. Yeah well ……… a million times zero is zero. Big deal.

Read more Hysterical politically correct scaremongering at BBC news

Or why not just wait for the predictable response from mainstream politicians of all parties, “What we need to save the planet is more public spending, more immigration and more gay rights.”

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Oh Nigel, You Cad. Clegg Caught you Telling A Porkie

March 28, 2014

farage clegg europe debatePicture source: BBC News

The mainstream media commentariat (Ed Bollocks fans, and wannabe Euro Federalists all, even those who work for The Telegraph and The Daily Mail) are trying to spin the EU Election debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage as a win for Clegg and a display of embarrassing ineptitude from Farage. Fortunately we the punters mistrust the media more than any other profession … except maybe politicians, lawyers, accountants, bankers, doctors, scientists, teachers and civil servants.

We would rather trust estate agents, used car salesmen and pensions brokers that journalists, but only just. And with good reason it seems because apart from those media shills, anyone who watched the debate (I didn’t myself) seems to score it a win on points for Farage. Clegg even had to resort to accusing his opponent of telling porkies:

“He accused Farage of not telling the truth in claiming the population of Romania and Bulgaria is 29 million. Who in the audience was to know that the real figure is 28.635 million? Clegg must have known but it didn’t stop him. “He also accused Farage of supporting a tyrant, Vladimir Putin to which Farage replied: ‘I don’t support Putin … but if you poke the Russian bear with a stick he will respond‘. A fair point, well made.

Not only a failure to score the point, but for its nitpicking irrelevancy an epic fail typical of an EU bureaucrat, which is perhaps a hint about where Clegg will be heading when he loses his Sheffield Hallam seat at the next election.

As for the debate itself, (‘scuse me while I light a Chuchillian cigar) Never … has so much of so little substance … been said to so many by so few.

Clegg dared to claim that EU membership is about “your job – or the job of someone you know” and “if we cut ourselves off from Europe, jobs will be lost”. Clegg’s image of a post-EU Britain as a kind of western North Korea, isolated, impoverished and living on porridge is risible.

No one is proposing to “pull up the drawbridge”, as he ridiculously put it – we would continue trade, just as well as Norway and Switzerland do now. We would not be “withdrawing from the world’s largest economy”. Pulling out of the EU (in time to avoid spawning that Federal European Superstate – well catholicism is the largest religion in Europe) would not stop us trading with EU nations, as Norway, Switzerland and other non EU European nations do now, in fact without the dead hand of EU bureaucracy stifling our advantages we would probably do better.

Only an agenda driven ideologue would suggest that leaving the EU would be as big a social disaster as was New Labour’s policy of exporting proper jobs to low labour cost nations and masking the mass unemployment by vastly expanding the public payroll. Only an idiot or an economists (which are the same thing) thinks that hiring a million tax eaters results in the economy growing.

Mr Farage has spent years on the town-hall circuit revving up the party faithful, so his rhetoric tends to be even more overblown. Does observing European law really represent “the destruction of all the great principles of British liberty”? The laws in most European nations are very similar to ours as a result of what is mistakenly called “The Judeo – Christian culture” (really it’s the Romano – Germanic culture)

What is really debilitating is EU bureaucracy and the way we are surrendering sovereignty to unelected officers of the European Commission.

Farage however has built his political career on exposing the flaws in EU membership. If polls are in any way indicative of reality (and Labour supporting science heads tell me statistics are always right, cuz its science, innit?) UKIP are on the verge of a potentially game changing victory in the Euro elections. This is largely because Nigel Faragem whatever his faults, has an ability all other politicians have lost; he speaks the language of the man in the pub.

The public are not stupid which is why Labour are tanking in the aforementioned polls. Punters recognise facts presented in ways that related to ordinary lives, not the lives of posh boy politicians, greedy bankers and reality challenged academics, clear, simple arguments resonate with the voters, and that, according to what I see and hear, Farage won.

Scaremongering about our reliance on membership of the EU, or fantasies about how the economy will benefit from mass immigration are seen for what they are, politically correct bullshit. The EU empire is crumbling before it even got off the ground, as those of us who understand economics (i.e. are NOT economists) always predicted it would. The Eurozone buys more from us than we buy from them, so they need us more than we need them. They also need our £40 million a day cash injection because like all bureaucracies, Brussels eats other peoples’ money.

Farage makes a good, clear case for a British exit and not only was it well argues, it was what the majority of people wanted to hear.

Russell Brand For Prime Minister?

March 13, 2014

Beldiueve it or not there are people out there who think it sounds like a good idea. Well OK I suppose they sort of have a point, he couldn’t be any worse than any of the last half dozen or so we’ve had. Surprisingly the people behind the brand for Prime Minister are not the same ones as are saying the Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 was planeknapped by a giant UFO, in fact but for one little thing they sound quite sensible.

Getting Brand into politics would be good from one perspective, it would stop him pretending he’s a comedian. marus brigstock could run for deputy PM thus killing tow turds with one stone. Politicians are comedians of course but they take themselves very seriously. Our Prime Minister though? That doesn’t sound a good idea, perhaps he could be President of The USA, although I suppose his not being a natural born citizen of Kenya might rule him out.

If you are interested in helping Russell Brand become Prime Minister here’s some more information on the campaign at Thomas Sheridan’s Official Blog:

People ask me why I am taking such a major interest in the Russell Brand/BBC Newsnight interview and especially the social, political and psychological aftereffects it has unleashed. They claim I am ‘jealous’ of Mr Brand (!!??!!). Giving him too much attention. Obsessed with him. They state this as they join new Facebook pages entitled Russell Brand for Prime Minister and share memes with Fabian Socialist platitudes on them, memes and statements they would have rejected only last week.

Some of the hatred directed against me has been staggering, as my basic criticism of this story robs them of their Dopamine rush, as they continue to see the Messiah on Tour as their main conduit of personal salvation. You know times are strange when you get called a ‘conspiracy nutter’ by people who believe the Royal Family are shape-shifting interdimensional iguanas because you took their Dopamine rush off them by pointing out that ‘Our Russ’ is not really what a revolutionary actually is. Besides, only Evolution changes things – Revolution just ‘revolves’ you back to where you started.

Aside from the fantastic hype, and watching the Cambridge Universities/SWP/Mi5/Activists Alliance monitor and gauge the reaction of the Truthers to the ‘Messiah Tour’ as they would lab rats. For me, this amazing and interesting last few days is not just about Russell Brand, he is just a part of the game plan – this is HUGE. Mark my words. In time, the full Pandora’s Box of what they are up to at the top are up to will be revealed.

Essentially the PTB are purposefully creating a rift or a Reformation/Civil War within the Alternative Movement. This serves many purposes, but the main one is to get people who have opted out ‘back into the system’ – have them voting for ‘Socialist Egalitarian’ candidates (in reality, traditional Left Wing Fabian Socialist parties such as Labour). Have them forget their anger at the system. Get them meditating, and not raging against the system, have them voting once more and all set for Agenda 21. Allow them their ‘silly conspiracy theories’.

Continue reading:

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The Decline And Fall Of Broadcast Media

November 12, 2012

Blogger Frank Davis has a fine article online today, here’s a sample:

Norman Tebbit, one time chairman of the Conservative party, and no friend of the BBC, writes:

Contrary to what many of my critics believe, I regard the BBC as a valuable national institution, which served us well over many years. Its principal failures have sprung from an inbred culture which evolved into a censorship of dissident voices. Its habit of recruiting from a narrow range of political – and of late, politically correct – thought has led to a damaging arrogance.

Well, he’s quite right about the inbred culture recruited from a narrow range of the political spectrum. But, in my experience, this isn’t anything new: the BBC has always been left wing. It was when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister in the 1980s, 30 years ago. But would it be any better if it was right wing? And precisely why is it a “valuable national institution”?

he crisis is the inevitable result of media professionals, like politicians no longer living in the same universe as us mere mortals, I’d say.

How’s About That Then?

October 22, 2012

Can anybody tell me why we need an enquiry into the Jimmy Saville affair?

Do we need an enquiry because forty years ago it was an accepted part of life that people in positions of authority abused that authority?

I left school in ’74 and entered the workplace, a slightly naive 16 year old.

It wasn’t long before a (married) friend of my Dad’s was offering me a lift home and then stopping in a lay-by hoping for a snog and a grope.
At least he had the decency to take ‘no’ for an answer.

Then there was the chap I worked with who was well over twice my age (also married), in fact he would have been about as old as my Dad, so nearly forty years older than me, making improper suggestions including going to stay at his house whilst his missus was away.

And so it went on, culminating in my boss at the time pinning me up against the pipework when we were alone in the building and saying -got to admit this is one hell of a smooth chat up line, there again he was Welsh, (married and slightly more than twice my age)- “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day I first saw you.”

When I politely declined he made my life a misery until the point where I could stand it no longer and left. Obviously if I would have accepted this charming offer I would have enjoyed a shining career, or maybe not.

And bear in mind I wouldn’t class myself as, to use one of Dad’s favourite phrases, “a raving beauty”.

It certainly wasn’t unusual for such behaviour in the workplace, and lets face it people with power do use that power to get what they want, always have done and probably to a certain extent always will.

And there will always be those who go along with it for their own ends.
Ever heard of the casting couch? How about wealthy older men with their trophy wives? Rock stars and groupies? Premier League footballers “roasting” sessions? These girls are willing participants, pursuing their own agendas.

So at the BBC in the late sixties through to the eighties the morals of the employees were a bit loose.

And you can say that the girls Jim was fixing it for were underage, but as I recall in my early teens we all wanted to look and be taken for older than we were. We lied about our ages to get into ‘X’ films, discos, the pub. Having watched my daughter and her friends go through exactly the same processes I don’t think anything has changed much there. We didn’t want to go out with boys our own age cos they were so immature. We wanted to go out with men and be treated like women. Some girls probably knew that to be treated like a woman you had to be willing to behave like a woman, and some would not.

So why do we need an enquiry into it?

You may as well have an enquiry into servants seduced by their employers in Victorian and Edwardian times.

It was what happened at the time.

Hopefully it would not be tolerated today, by colleagues, by “victims”, by all the people who knew about this open secret, because now we all know about child abuse, grooming, paedophillia, sexual abuse, harrassment, bigotry and discrimination. We all know and should not be too shy to say when something isn’t right. We know there are people we can talk to and to complain to should the need arise.

Perhaps the inquiry should be looking into whether the behaviour prevalent amongst its presenters forty years ago is still prevalent now. That would be something.
If it was then perhaps there could be some discussion of how to prevent it.

I’ll give you the advice we gave to SezJez.

Don’t put yourself in situations you can’t easily get out off, e.g. don’t let yourself end up in a bedroom with a boy at a party unless you want to get laid.

Don’t lose control, i.e. don’t get so drunk, off your face, that you don’t know what is happening to you.


Unfortunately not many teenagers heed such warnings.

So perhaps instead of spending money on a pointless inquiry that will conclude that sex was a central part of the BBC a reasonably long time ago the money would be better spent educating youngsters to have a bit more self respect and realistic expectations.

That could be achieved by having some old codger dress up as Jimmy Saville and stick his tongue down their throats.

Certainly be enough to put aanybody off I would have thought.