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Where Is The Real Bill Gates

April 6, 2021

Rumours are starting to circulate online that the vaccine overlord, Microsoft founder, genetically modified mosquito tycoon and general cut Bill Gates and his wife Melinada were eLmilated by their New World Order associates some years ago and have been replaced by lookalikes

Here’s what I think may have happened …

Could be they’re using a pretty poor pair of body doubles for personal and media appearnces, Melinda has disappeared because it was discovered she had a conscience and the real Bill, now completely bald and confined to a high tech electric wheelchair is living in the empty magma chamber of an extinct volcano somewhere in the Pacific Ring of Fire, where he rolls silently around stroking a white Persian cat while plotting ways to inflict even more misery on humanity before declaring himself ruler of the world.

I know this because earlier this year, after I had written an article ripping apart the case for untested vaccines.
I was ushered into Gates’ presence and he said,”Greetings Mr Hallvard, I haf been vondering vhere you optained information about my plans for vorld domination.As he spoke his henchmen abducted me, flew me to his hideout and as an incredibly ugly woman named Rosa Kreb prepared 1000 doses of mRNA vaccine, the henchmen tore off my shirt and strapped me to a doctor’s treatment table.

“If ten shots of mRNA are injected into an adult human it vill change zere DNA and zey vill become a giant centipede,” Gates warned me, “Ve haf von zouzand doses of ze wakcine here, konsider vot effect zat might haf it it were to be injekted.”

“You expect me to talk,” I asked

He said in a voice as cold as liquid nitrogen, “No Mr Hallvard, I expect you do die.”