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Home Secretary says Britain Will Outlaw Hate And Extremism

May 28, 2015
Home Secretary Theresa May announces plans to criminalise ‘hate’. She will a
nnounce the formation of a new law enforcement body, The Thought Police later this year (image source)

In yet another example of how out of touch with reality our leaders are, Theresa May announced on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the “British” government’s determination to make “hate,” “extremism” and “Neo-Nazism” illegal.

“British values” as defined by the government are now to become the official values of everyone in the United Kingdom and the multicultural, multiracial and multisexual nature of the state will be rigidly enforced.

It appears that the proposed bill will include a ban on broadcasting “extremist” views without permission and a requirement to submit to the police in advance any proposed publication on the web and social media or in print. The bill may also contain plans for banning orders for “extremist,” “Nazi”or “Fascist” organisations and individuals who seek to undermine democracy or to use “hate speech” in public places.

The proposed legislation will fall short of banning people from saying or publishing anything the Politically Correct do not approve of on the grounds of provoking hatred as this is already covered by the “public order antisemitic, racist or homophobic offences” legislation that already exists. You will be able to say or write what you like so long as nobody hears or reads it. Censorship by any other name still smells of shit.

Though Muslims have been mentioned in the context of the bill there is a sense that this legislation is aimed at indigenous White Nationalists, a group which is rising in prominence in relation to the dispersement of facts on the Internet, as well as fuelling public concern over rising immigration and failing multiculturalism coupled with the increasing oppression of Whites in schools and the workplace through “anti-racism” strategies which target and discriminate against them.

Asked in confidence about the best tactic for going forward under such circumstances, a former British university professor of political science said “The best tactic down history in such a case is for as many individual people to get banned as possible. The more people who get banned the weaker the legislation becomes and the more real street cred this group gains for the future.”

This serves to bind diverse factions intlo a larger political grouping, he went on to explain, something the opposition to multiculturalism and ,globaism previously had failed to achieve. In a sense the government that bans free speech and criminalizes dissent, even by such back door methods, is legitimizing both the counter culture and an alternative political elite in the eyes of its critics.

Groups and individuals never heard of before become significant and achieve publicity possibly for the first time in a controlled-media. The next stage is public free-speech protests against banning orders. The government is taking the most counter – productive route possible and is in effect creating a new political opposition to the politically correct consensus of The Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

Once banned, the individual or group is authenticated in the eyes of other dissenters. Thus they are seen as an alternative to the ruling class when the regime who banned them collapses.

The Professor surely believed he was talking about right wing extremists but his opinions prefectly describe the tactics used to silence opposing views by oppressive governments in Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, Soviet Russia communist China and ‘left wing’ neo fascist groups such as Unite Against Fascism, the Anti Nazi League and the Socialist Workers Party.

One of the great political ironies is that there was very little difference between Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s Communists.

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Ultimate Fails Compilation

March 19, 2014

What a depressing day. George Osborne’s budget (what an inspiring speaker that man isn’t, and then Manchester United exit from the Champions League later, not that I care much but it means there will be eff all else on television. Football for the peak two hours followed by edited highlights of football later.

Still we British always have our stiff upper lip that enables us to soldier on the the face of adversity, our famous sense of humour and thanks to our Germanic ancestry, our love of Shadenfreude. Yes we shamelessly enjoy the misfortune of others. And why not?

Let’s declare today National Schadenfreude Day and celebrate it with this compilation of epic fails:

It’s worth watching all the way through.