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A hundred years ago some twat said ‘the lights are going out’

March 2, 2014

A hundred years ago some posh twat, I think it was Earl Grey* (the bloke who invented weak tea, gimme Ringtons teabags any time) said something about “One by one the lights are going out all over Europe.”

With the situation in Ukraine worsening by the minute, people are saying the same now. OK, let’s switch a few back on.

The web is full of “funniest scenes in film” which are usually dominated by clips from Monty Python and the holy Grail, The Life Of Brian, the farting scene from Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles and that famous line delivered in The Italian Job by Michael Caine, something from Four Weddings or maybe the fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally. There are plenty of other contenders but those spring to mind readily.

There is one that should feature strongly but is usually overlooked however. As it happens (or maybe to stop us all plunging into abyssal dspair) Channel 5 screened Beetlejuice today and as I watched it made me wonder how can we forget the scence where the ghosts in the haunted house hijack the pretentious yuppies dinner party and make the guests sing and dance The Banana Boat Song.

Forgotten it, or maybe you have never watched Beetlejuice. Enjoy it again – or maybe for the first time

The Banana Boat song from Beetlejuice:

*It was actually Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign secretary but the deliberate error worked better for this item.

Do These People Really Have Superpowers?

November 19, 2013

Just to lighten things up after a few heavy days in which we have been kept busy fighting off the attempts of lefties to abolish fun and criminalise free speech, here’s something to make you smile.

Do the seventeen people in these video clips really have super powers or are they just nutters who can do one trick and are determined to milk it for their fifteen minutes of fame?

Yes, I can hear the bansturbators now, throwing hissy fits about there being no such thing as Super Heroes.

Follow the link and in particular watch, well all of them. One or two are a tad boring but they only highlight the brilliance of the others.

From College Humor via Stumble Upon

17 People We are 99 per cent Sure Have Superpowers


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