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What Crisis Says E U Boss Jean-Claude Drunkard

August 26, 2015

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker dismissed calls for a new EU summit on immigration, saying member states should stop dragging their heels and implement existing agreements on the matter.

Juncker’s comments in an opinion piece published in France’s Le Figaro and Germany’s Die Welt on Monday come ahead of a meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande in Berlin to discuss immigration.

Juncker repeated his criticism of European governments failing to take migrants from Italy and Greece where tens of thousands arrived by boat have over the last months to escape poverty and war in their home countries.

“We don’t need a new summit. Member states have to adopt the European measures and apply them to their territory,” he wrote.

Juncker added that the European Union should draw up a uniform list of “safe countries” to which migrants could be returned.

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One Question?
Who the fuck does this nonentity, this alkie who breakfasts on brandy, this unelected poen pusher thing he is. We never voted to be governed by Brussels bureaucrats, all we voted for was to be members of a free trade area, ‘ever closer union’ and all that Euronazi bullshit that has crept in was never part of the deal.

Support UKIP or accept ultimate victory for those who are Adoilf Hitler’s successors.

But I’m not a callous person, I don’t think we should abandon our European partners to sink into third world dystiopias without our civilising influence. We should offer them all the oipportunity to become colonies in a reconvened British Empire (except for the Belgians because they’re boring.)

First they came for the Anglo – Celts … And I Did Not Speak Out

May 12, 2015

(via Graham Lear)

This what we at UKIP have been saying for years and if it does not frighten you then I am afraid you are all devoid of common sense.

Remember this video when you have to vote in the coming referendum on whether we stay in the European Union.

Remember also that in the last couple of years THIS European Union has foisted on everyone in these magnificent islands that we call home over 3,000 new laws that affect everyone of you.

By what authority have they managed to do this? They have managed to do this by the collusion of the very people that you voted for in the last General Election just last week. Tory, Labour, Lib Dems.

The only political party that does not and has not colluded with the European Union is the one party that all political party’s in the UK have ridiculed and that political party id UKIP. The same UKIP that 4 million very wise citizens of the UK voted for. All the rest of the citizens voted for the ones who have given over our freedom to the ones who would enslave us all.


Ukraine was a regime change coup straight from the CIA playbook – Prof Francis Boyle

March 1, 2014

‘But, the United States’ government has been overthrowing democratically elected governments since the Mosaddegh Government in Iran and putting the Shah of Iran in power: so said Kermit Roosevelt, and even as he publicly bragged about it in his book Countercoup, there is even have a manual in circulation at the CIA dealing with how you overthrow governments.

So it seems to me this was a playbook coup d’état by the CIA. Nuland, the Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, working with the US Ambassador, we now have the tape on that. So this is a classic coup d’état, and working with what I can call ‘the brown shirts’ over there: Svoboda, the right sector, the Bandera people, think of these groups as The BNP times one million or Hitler’s storm troopers on speed, they’re right wing extremist nasty fuckers and the idiotic lefties in Britain, the Eurozone and the USA were so incensed about Putin being a bit harsh towards bearded queens in bridal gowns, they stupidly backed the neo Nazis to overthow a democratic, right wing government just as they had backed the human organ noshing religious fanatics in Syria.’

As I have said before, not all groups who rise against government are brave freedom fighters who just want freedom, democracy, lurve and peace and bearded queens in bridal gowns mincing up the aisles of churches*, and not all tough, undemocratic regimes are gleefully evil, most believe they are doing what needs to be done to maintain stability. And given what has happened in countries recently destabilised by western intervention, only an idiot (or possibly a university economics or sociology lecturer) would not agree that they might have a point.

In times of peace the rich get richer, the poor get poorer; in times of war the rich get richer, the poor get shot. This is the truth.

*I’ve nothing against bearded queens in bridal gowns but I hate leftie fuckwits who think gay rights issues are more important that avoiding global war.

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Litttle Nicky Says ‘I Told You So’ Again

June 26, 2012

The EU’s elite bureaucrats have unveiled their vision for the future of monetary union among the Euro zone nations.

The ideas are backed by the leading proponents of the fascist superstate agenda pro integration Europgroup’s Herman Van Rompuy and Uncle Joe Stalin tribute act, Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission . The leading New World Order supporters in the European Union hierarchy have unveiled their vision for the future, in which the Brussels bureauracy would have far more power to overrule elected parliaments and suppress national sovereignty.

It includes the creation of a European treasury, which would have powers over national budgets and be able to dictate how national governments spend their taxpayers’ money.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said it was “a defining moment for European integration”.

The document, released ahead of Thursday’s EU summit, said greater fiscal union could lead to common debt being issued by eurozone countries. In other words norther European nations pay for the irresponsibility of the Mediterranean shore’s economic basket cases.

There would also be banking union, with a single European banking regulator and a unified deposit guarantee scheme. This is a blatant bid to destroy the British financial services industry which, no matter how much you hate bankers, our economy and future prosperity is far too dependent on for us to let it be sunk.

It’s time we cried havoc and let slip the dogs of war. If Europe wants to dstroy our banks, let our banks destroy Europe. So long as they pay tax on the billions they will make from doing it we’re laughing.