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Patient Affairs Officer

January 19, 2010

During some game show I was not paying much attention to on television last weekend a contestant’s occupation was announced as “a Patient Affairs Officer” in a National Health Service Hospital.

As the managing editor of Boggart Blog my antennae have to be constantly scanning for things we can twist and distort so naturally my attention was grabbed.

We know that the government are trying to cover up how bad unemployment really is by creating lots of non jobs in the public sector, a few months ago we reported on the whacky job titles being handed out. But a Patient Affairs Officer, what kind of job is that.

Boggart Blog is not a moralising organisation, we don’t approve or disapprove of what our readers do. We have to ask though it it any business of the NHS to start encouraging patients to have affairs. And surely the job is pointless.

One thing I can swear to, speaking from experience, is the last thing on anybody’s mind when they are recovering from seriousillness or major surgery is having an affair with another patient.

Real Unemployment

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