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Egypt, Islam and Democracy

June 25, 2012

The military are still the power behind the throne in Egypt despite the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in the Presidential election.They appear to have learned a lesson from events in a Algeria over two decades ago. In December 1991, an Islamist party calling itself the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) won an outright majority in the first round of Algeria’s parliamentary election. The army immediately responded by cancelling the second round of the contest, which would have taken place in January 1992. Algeria’s ruling military council then mounted a thinly disguised coup that sealed their dominance of Algerian politics.

Since, the “Algeria option” has become shorthand for preventing Islamist parties from actually taking power even if they happen to win elections. It has also become shorthand for bloodshed, folly and failure. The Algerian army’s catastrophic decision forced the country’s Islamist movement underground, rendered it far more extreme and compelled its leaders to take up arms. The result was a terrible civil war which, by the turn of the millennium, had claimed 100,000 lives. Although much abated, this conflict continues to this day. Meanwhile, some of Algeria’s Islamists allied with al-Qaeda and helped to form a terrorist organisation that has now spread across a swathe of Africa.

So the Egyptian generals did not go so far as to rob Mohammed Morsi, a pillar of the Muslim Brotherhood, of his victory in the presidential election. They will allow him to take office, while seeking to constrain his power and solidify their own role, to the extend of overturning the results of parliamentary elections and appointing members to the assembly.

But thery have not ignited the highly volatile situation by simply installing their man as President. Such comtempt for the electorate could have triggered civil conflict. It is worth noting that the President elect, who has not taken office yet, has already said he wants closer ties with the Shi’ite regime in Iran. We cand only wait to see how the Sunni dominated Egyptian military will react to that.

All this again demonstrates why Little #Nicky has always been right to oppose intervention in the internal political affairs of middle eastern nations. They have their own ways of doing things which we do not understand. Intervention, no matter how well intentioned, in national conflicts, no matter how bloody, is far more likely to make things worse rather than better.

Tax Eaters Face Dole As Quangos Axed

September 24, 2010

 Quangos Face The Axe In Coalition Cuts

Not before time we have a government that is willing to take action to reduce the size of the bloated public sector:
from BBC 188 Quangos to be axed
Proposals to abolish 180 quangos (quasi autonamous national government organisations) and merge a further 124 have been seen by the BBC’s Politics Show. The Renewables Advisory Board and Museum, Libraries and Archives Council are among taxpayer-funded bodies proposed for abolition.The list, dated 26 August, includes groups linked to all major government departments.

The Cabinet Office has ordered a leak inquiry and says it regrets any “uncertainty” for employees. The list of public bodies up for abolition, mergers or other reforms was included in a letter from Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude to other ministers.

also on this story from The Daily Telegraph:””>177 Quangos To Be Scrapped

Throughout their years in power Labour used expansion of public sector employment to mask the true level of decline in our industrial and commercial base. This employent policy lies behind the structural financial deficit that is dragging our economy from recession into stagnation and slump. Appointing another tax eater does not help grow the economy it helps grow the deficit.

For thirty years under both Conservative and Labour governments, quangos  have become the personal bureaucratic empires of ‘special advisers’ costing a fortune to run and achieving nothing except the creation of lots of paper for the recycling industry.

If the coalition can dump a few of them it can only be good. And the tax eaters they employ will cost the nation less on the dole.

More contrarian Comment In The Daily Stirrer

Afghan War: Brown Pledges To Support Taliban

January 28, 2010

Just when you thought politicians could not possibly get more stupid one of the breed goes and does something so moronic that you are left gobsmacked again.

We refer of course to the announcement by Gordon Brown of a new fund that will be used by British military personnel to pay off Taliban fighters who give up their weapons and renounce violence.

Given the track record of Afghans for fighting anybody and everybody all the time, often changing sides in a war because someone has offered them more money, we are again astounded that Gordon Brown and his advisers at the Foreign Office and the Ministry of Defence once again refuse to see what is staring them in the fucking face.

The Taliban fighters will stampede to give up their WW2 rifles or AK47s stolen during the Russian occupation.

“I renounce violence, here’s my gun now give me the money.” they will say. Then, trousering the cash they will vamos mucho quicko to the local illegal arms dealer to buy a better gun stolen only recently from the Americans.

What a way to fight a war.

Labour Offers Reel Change

January 24, 2010

Labour Offers Reel Change

David ?Thunderbirds puppet? Milliband was the star guest on Andrew Marr?s political magazine on television this morning. Milliband, The Foreign Secretary (allegedly) in Gordon Brown?s dying government was trying to fend off question from Voice Of The Mysterons Marr about the persistent rumours that a strong undercurrent of opinion in the Labour party would like to see Gordon Brown replaced as leader before the election.

When the subject of the recent plot led by Blairite loyalists Jaqui Smith and Geoff Hoon was raised Milliband denied there had been such a plot and the Labour Party does not go in for plotting, which only proves he doesn?t read the papers. He then said Labour?s job was to govern competently (stop sniggering at the back) until the election and then win a fourth term in office by offering the voters reel change.

Can we assume this means Labour plan to govern by showing us 1930s feature ? length movies and perhaps hiring Jools Holland to play Honky Tonk piano while the reel changing is going on.

Or does he mean changes that will make us reel?

As the nation is already reeling from 12 years of Labour?s style of governing by trying to micromanage the minutiae of individual lives perhaps we should all keep working for a hung parliament.

We like to say “More humour every day at Boggart Blog” but all the news has been so gloomy it is getting hard to live up to that… 😦

Change They Can’t Belive In

Words Of Wisdom

January 14, 2010

Those who can do, those who can’t teach: – George Bernard Shaw.

Those who can do, those who can’t do, won’t do or have never succeeded in doing anything go into politics: – Boggart Blog

More humour every day at Boggart Blog.

Gordon Cancels Election And Orders Stateof Emergency

January 12, 2010

I am sitting shivering at my computer terminal, the last human in Barnsley. (OK, OK, that wouldn’t be so difficult, there weren’t that many of us in the first place.)
Outside the frozen snow lies thick upon the ground. The vague shapes of abandoned cars rise from the drifts at the sides of the ungritted roads, pale ghosts of a lost civilisation.

In this blighted landscape nothing moves.

We don’t know how many of us are left.

They said 60,000 died in the big freeze.
The summer before they said 20,000 perished in the heatwave that was termed the Barbecue Summer.
They said 75,000 died of swineflu.
The birdflu epidemic the previous year allegedly took over 100,000.
Back in 2005, the SARS virus wiped out quarter of a million, how long ago is that? It is so hard to keep track of time these days, no television, no radio, no newspapers.

We keep a feeble and sporadic supply of electricity generated by the cats running around a giant hamster wheel. If they ever manage to catch that hamster we will be finished.
The computer shows a date and time but what does it mean in this solitary existance that is post apocalyptic life on earth?

Occasionally a group of humans may pass through, desperately searching for food, for shelter, for survivors. We gather what news we can.

Whilst the cumulative catastrophes have devastated mankind, one man has seized his chance to strengthen his grip on our blighted country.

As the icy winds brought blizzards, chaos and death to our shores he calmly remained in his bunker in Downing Street, oblivious to the wants and needs of the populace. He used the meteorological circumstances to his own advantage, cancelled the election and declared a State Of Emergency, purely so he would not have to relinquish the reins of power that he had lusted after for so long.

We heard tell his only challenger was dragged from his house in the dead of night and imprisonned in the Tower, subjected to the hideous torture of watching Gordon on YouTube. They say he went mad, and now lies a broken man, twitching, screaming and recoiling in horror from the demons inside his head.

It seems there is no hope for us now, for this man who would save this country, and indeed save the world, leads us steadfastly into oblivion.

Indeed it is a dark time, especially as the bloody cat has just caught the hams…

Change: Why Don’t Politicians Get It
The First Night In Number Ten

The State of The Nation Address, Brought To You By Proud Sponsors Weatherproof

January 8, 2010

I have long had the feeling, and indeed have voiced it in these pages, that Barack Obama is America’s answer to Tony Blair, Tony Blair Lite if you would. He has the gift of the gab, but unfortunately his words speak so much louder than his actions.

So given the Blair’s money grabbing ways, admittedly mostly to do with Cherie, it should come as no surprise to learn that there is a billboard near Times Square in New York currently showing the Pres apparently modelling a Weatherproof Garment Company jacket, as the Great Wall Of China meanders into the background.

The President has, of course, identified a hitherto unexploited benefit of being the Pres. He gets to go to great locations, he is always followed by photographers and companies will probably be happy for him to be wearing their kit. So why not turn it into a spot of male modelling and get a bit extra lucre on the side?

Look out for The State Of The Nation Address, brought to you by proud sponsors Weatherproof.

Eff off and mind your own business Mr. Obama!!!

November 9, 2008

Huffington Post today seems to have dedicated itself to deifying Barry “Barak Obama” Soetorto. At least a third of America is eager to join in if the number of commentes on each nauseatingly sychphantic post are anything to go by.

Erm – sorry to spoil the party but those HuffPosters are all lavishing praise on Obama because of the colour of his skin and overlooking the man’s glaring inadequacies.  Example:

This morning we in the United Kingdom are informed that “President Obama” has said if  our government does not close the tax havens of Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands he will close them.

Does he realise:
He will be but is not yet president of The United States Of America
The United Kingdom is not part of the United States
The Channel Islands are not part of the United Kingdom, they are Sovereign territories which means The Queen of England is head of state but the islands are independent states with their own Parliament.
Tax havens such as The Channel Islands, Switzerland, Luxembourg etc. play a vital role in world trade. Close them, you piss off Russia, China, most of the oil producing nations, most of the African tyrants Mr. Obama numbers among his friends (or blood relatives in at least one case) and of course Britain and the other EU nations. Most of the world in fact.

Instead of inflating Obama’s ego which is already out of control citizen journalists should, should they not, be reminding him that he is elected to run the USA not the rest of the world?

And given Mr Obama’s ignorance of geography, diplomacy and international law I think the Democrats are being very foolish in pillorying Sarah Palin for a slip of the tongue, especially when we remember Obama’s forged Birth Certificate (the one he had made up this summer) gives his father’s nationality as “African.”

We British satirical bloggers are sharpening our claws, knives etc. If we were not all atheists we would be thinking Obama was a gift from God.

Some Acceptable Jokes About Barak Obama

July 15, 2008

he reaction of BarakObama and his campaign managers to the cover cartoon of New Yorker magazine shows another serious deficiency in the Democratic candidate. As well as a lack of policies, lack of honesty and lack of experience he totally laks a sense of humour. Not only are he and his suppoters not going to get any jokes made about Little Black Barak, they are going to play the victim card every time someone makes a joke about him.

But some of us have a lighter take on politics and share the view that anyone who takes himself that serriously does not deserve to be taken seriously. Having said that, we do not want to spent the next three and a half months having our ears bent by Obama supporters every time someone makes a joke about fried chicken or comedy ears.

So for the benefit of people who think all politicians are lying shits, here are a few acceptable jokes you can do about Brak Obama.

An Arab, a Jew and Barak Obama walk into a bar. What a fine example of an integrated community.

On a routine flight, the aircraft carrying Barak Obama and his campaign team few into the Bermuda Triangle. When the plane crash landed nobody was hurt but they were on the beach of an Island in a Kafkaesque parallel universe. As the team searched for things that might help them survive walking around for many hours in the hot sun. At last the Senator found an old oil lamp. He gave it a rub to see if the metal was corroded under the seaweed. Suddenly a genie appeared and said, “You have called me and now I must grant you three wishes. What is your first wish?”
“I’d like a glass of cool clean water that refills itself when somebody drinks it,” said the Senator.
You sure you wouldn’t prefer beer, champage? the Genie asked.
No, water will be fine, said Barak.
BING, the glass appeared in his hand and sure enough filled up as quickly as he drank it.
“And what can I grant you for your remaining wishes”, the Genie asked, “Tasty food, secure shelter, a bevy of beautiful virgins?”
“I’ll have another two of those please,” said Obama, “one for the thirsty of Africa and one for the thirsty of Asia.”

Michelle Obama was seen today wearing combat fatigues and with her hair in an afro. What’s wrong with that, retro feminist is one of the hottest looks this season according to fashion experts.

What’s the difference between a 747 and Barak Obama? A 747 stops whining when it gets to Heathrow Airport…………………………..and Barak Obama is a successful African American politician with a good change of being elected President.

Stick with those and not even an Obama nut can complain.

Obama’s Missing Sense Of Humour

Some Interesting Links

June 29, 2008

This article in HuffPost’s green page had people asking if it was serious or a joke but aparently the author is deadly serious. Is a gas fuelled BBQ more environment friendly that a charcoal one? If we are being picky then an open cooking fire is the best, especially if we factor in the emmissions caused in making the BBQ hardware. In the end it makes little dfference if you are cooking grain fed meat on your fire. That involves using 8 pounds of food to create one, tearing down rainforest which in turn leads to erosion of fertile land and expansion of desert. We all have to change our lifestyle.

McCain says Obama’s word cannt be trusted. News from the American election, John McCain who changes his position more often than a porn movie actor, has accused Barak Obama of untruthfulness, indecisiveness and hypocrisy because Obama seems to change his position on every big issue according to which audience he is adressing. Words like pot and kettle come to mind

Remember the scandal of Maidstone hospital, where the boss had to resign over dirty wards after an outbreak of MRSA. Well the hospital management has not learned its lesson as Iain Dale reports. On a visit to a sick relative, Iain’s partner noticed a complete absence of cleaing staff and evidence that janitorial duties were being neglected.

A Conservative blogger says he enjoyed Cherie Blair’s autobiography. That’s a sign of how bad it really is.

What does Henley Mean for the Lib Dems? So was the by-election a disaster for the Liberal Democrats. Opponents are quick to write off the third party but though unspectacular their vote could point to a positive trend.