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The Left Are So Hopeless They Can’t Even Sneer Properly

November 21, 2014

In view of recent public relations disasters and with a General Election just six months away I can see this phrase “The Left Are So Hopeless …” spawning a series of posts as the elitists of the Labour Party, out of touch with voters to the extent that they constantly insult their white, working class core vote and think those despised ‘lowlifes’ will rally to the cause and get them elected to government.

Yesterday’s by election in the Kent constituency of Rochester and Strood produced the expected victory for UKIP, the expected humiliation for the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem parties. The Biggest disaster however was a Labour own goal own scoreed be Labour’s Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry.

The Hapless Thornberry, a senior lawyer, tweeted a picture of a White Van outside a house draped with Cross Of St. George flags so beloved of Englan football supporters. With it she posted the message: “Image from #rochester” (a reference to the UKIP voting steroeotype created by the sneering left.)

rochester white van

The house with flags and White Van in Rochester, Kent, that Labour MP Emma Thornberry referred to in her offensive tweet.

The media luvvies are naturally horrified that a member of their superior caste, the metropolitan elite, should be citicized for stereotyping the working classes as ignorant, xenophobic, shaven headed oiks with British Bulldogs tattoooed across their arses and have leaped to Thornberry’s defence – with typical ineptitude of reality deniers.

Mary Riddell writing in the right of centre Daily Telegraph tried to excuse the Labour MP’s offensive tweet thus:

“No matter that Miss Thornberry was brought up by a single mother on a housing estate or that she has done good work in helping her poorer constituents. “(Read full report)

That apologist drivel was quickly demolished however by a quick wiki which revealed Thronberry’s privileged and elitist background.

From Wiki
Thornberry was born in north Surrey to Cedric Thornberry, a Visiting Professor of War Studies at King’s College London, and his wife Sally Thornberry, a teacher […] Her father went on to become United Nations Assistant Secretary General and to work for NATO.

In a way it should be comforting to know Thornberry, like so many other prominent Labour politicians is a member of the privileged elite. It at least makes her sneering contempt for the lower orders understandable even if such an attitude is never going to be justifiable.
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