Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 – The Cover Up Proceeds

Some of you may be thinking in the wake of my bold assertion yesterday that the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 missing for ten days had been flown to the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia was uncharacteristically wrong.

I will forgive you for doubting me, today’s television and print news has been full or reports of a search for debris thought to be from the missing aircraft sighted 1500 miles off the coast of Western Australia, a long long way from Diego Garcia and so many of you are determined to doubt every “conspiracy theory” and cling to the belief that governments are our friends and would never lie or do anything underhand. However if the debris does in fact turn out to be from Flight 370 it only reinforces what I said, that the plane was hijacked by forces linked to the American government.

Ten days is ample time for a well equipped USAF base such as that on Diego Garcia to dismantle a Boeing Aircraft, select an area so far away it diverts suspicion and dump some debris there, then make sure it is found.

And don’t you think, possums, its just a little bit suspicious that the debris was sighted shortly after the information that enabled Boggart Blog and many others to construct our Diego Garcia theories was released.

AANGIRFAN has the whole thing nailed No matter what the CIA Bozos think of next, you can bet the blogosphere will be then thoughts ahead of them.

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