Beyond Big Bang: The Idea Of An Infinite Universe Is Fashionable Again.

posted by Ian R Thorpe & Xavier Connolly

Both of us have had many arguments in internet discussion threads with the science worshippers who insist that Big Bang is a ‘scientific fact’ rather than a theory based on mathematical speculation.

Both of us, (and Xav is a professional engineeer who now lectures in physics and engineering and actually understands the mathematics involves, while I am very well versed in philosophy as well as having worked for some years in the nuclear industry) have always thought that the now little discussed (due to the witch hunt tactics employed by the scientific consensus gangsters) idea of an infinite, eternal, self renewing universe makes a lot more sense than a point at which everything suddenly materialises out of nothing.

Now, as the mad scientist contingent backed by the most scientifically illiterate American President ever (what am I talking about, scientifically illiterate, he’s just illiterate, a coke addicted ex rent boy who loves terrorism and hates western civilisation. But that’s just my opinion) and current research has shot big bang theory, dark matter, dark energy, worm holes and black holes full of holes, the idea of an infinite and eternal universe which our scientists are only aware of a very small part of, is being discussed again.

The scientific consensus Big Bang gang bang boys will howl and scream of course, but they are of limited intellectual capacity and simply can’t get their heads round concepts like infinity. For open minded, inquisitive people the article linked below makes good reading.

No Big Bang? New Equation Suggests Eternal Universe

by Stuart Hooper, 21st Century Wire


To Infinity And Beyond
One ‘scientific fact’ Little Nicky has challenged in the past is Big Bang Theory. I have lost count of the times that having offered proof that Big Bang is not a fact, the universe is in reality infinite and have become involved in thousand – comment threads in which the arguments of the Big Bang sceptics were contradicted by science tits screeching, “It is a fact because we say it is.”

NASA Engineer Admits They Can’t Get Past Van Allen Belts
Can it be that the conspiracy Theorists have once again been right all along. Or is there anther explanation for the apparent contradiction. Thius one is going top have comment threads and social media going crazy.

The Big Bang Never Happened
Real Science Radio’s list of evidence against Big bang
Big Problems With Big Bang – YouTube video

New Physics Theory Proposes Time Is Disappearing From Our Universe.
I have never understood why we invest so much money in theoretical physics, which basically means blokes with pointy heads sitting around having intellectual wanks as they dream up constantly whackier theories to explain how our universe works. One idea they cling to fondly which I find crazy, is that time is somehow material than can be stretched, compressed, kicked around like a football and made to disappear.

Not Intelligent Design But A Designer Universe. At the risk of making to sciencyheads kick off about intelligent design we must enter the argument between science and creationism to pose the possibility that the universe did have a designer – not a god such as the creation myths describe but a race of intelligent (?) beings who, live ourselves could not resist meddling with things they did not fully understand thus incurring unforeseen consequences.

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Before Big Bang part 2
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