The most powerful (and chilling) case for Trump you’ll ever hear

First I must restate this is a British blog so its contributors have no part in the US election. We do not support Donald Trump, the prospect of him becoming president of the USA is appalling. Worse however is the prospect of Hillary Clinton, “Crooked Hillary,” a proven traitor and liar, an alleged fraudster who ran the Clinton Foundation (the charity established when her husband was president) as her personal bank account, who has committed perjury, stabbed close friends and allies in the back in order to shift blame for her own misdemeanours and acts of criminal negligence.

But it is not just Clinton’s dishonesty or her love of war that worries that concerns the world outside the USA, it is her ‘liberal, progressive’ ideology.

In an article for The Week, Damon Linker provides a commentary on a political essayr by a conservative writer in which he  decontructs the pseudo philosophies of both the politically correct left and the ‘caring conservatives’, and shows that under a veneer of hippyish sentimentality anbout the poor and disadvantaged is an elitist agenda that aims to disempower the individuals who make up the mass of population and centralise control of society, business, finance, law, education and everything in the hands of a small elite, the 0.001%

Here’s a taster:

For all the talk of conservatism in the essay, there is really nothing significantly conservative about it. Oh sure, it lists a series of positions that are typically embraced by conservative writers. But when it comes to the crucial question of judgment, prudence, practical wisdom — of how one who affirms these conservative views should act in present political circumstances — it is a shockingly radical document.

Or rather, it’s a reactionary one — not in the watery sense that it opposes what progressives lazily presume to be the inevitable drift of history. It’s reactionary in the precise sense delineated in Mark Lilla’s just-published book The Shipwrecked Mind: On Political Reaction. Like all reactionary thinkers, Decius Mus identifies a past golden age (America before progressivism) and a historical fissure after which steep and perhaps irreversible decline set in (the establishment of the administrative state) — and also like other reactionaries, he has come to believe that only a new historical rupture, a sundering of the status quo, has any hope of altering the apocalyptic course of history.

Read the article>>>

Yes it is true that Donald Trump is a lousy prospect for the future of American democracy, but apart from Crooked Hillary, who has promised that her first act on taking office would be to try to start World War Three in pursuite of the Washinton Hawks plan to destroy Russia and China. It is the one campaign promise Clinton, author of the destruction of Libya and the ongoing and brutal conflict is Syria, will try to keep. Fortunately after eight years of Obama focusing US Defence policy on the issue of Gay BLT and women’s rights, senior staff officers in The Pentagon are aware that in conflict with China and Russia, the USA would be anihilated.

If that is not the future American voters want for their nation, they must not vote for Clinton. You don’t have to vote for Trump if you find that option unpalatable, but remember a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for World War Three.


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