Well she’s a beauty therapist

Gotta love Blackpool beauty therapist Gemma Worrall who went viral on Twitter after posting a tweet in which she referred to President Barack Obama as “Barraco Barner”, and appeared to think he was president of the UK.

In a pithy comment about the Ukraine crisis, Gemma, 20, innocently asked: “why is our president Barraco Barner getting involved with Russia, scary.”

She found herself at the centre of global attention with social media users branding the message a new low for ‘dumb Britain’.

Oh come on guys, let’s give the lass a break: ONE Barraco Barner doesn;t even know his own name, legally he is Barry Soetoro – having never legally changed his name from the one he took when adopted by his Indonesian stepfather; TWO don’t forget Gemma is a beauty therapist …

Oh fuck! I’ve just remembered my daughter is a beauty therapist. This is why we’ve always excused her for thinking Pontefract is in Wales.

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